Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day Nine: The Pesto Problem

We didn't give a tremendous amount of thought to the name of our blog. We wanted something that would describe our journey, and that would be a bit clever and witty. We have since learned that we did not choose all that wisely. Our name is long, contains an unfamiliar word that is hard to spell, and has embedded within it the word "pesto". As a result, a search of 'fromdopestodoyennes' can send you to cooking sites with recipes containing basil, garlic and parmesan cheese.

Well, it could be worse. We could have emphasized the speed with which we intend to learn all of this and called ourselves or even worse, focused on forwarded twitter posts with, right?

So in the world of blogs, Shakespeare may have been wrong. A rose by any other name may not smell as sweet.

A blog's name must:

1. Be easy to remember and spell.
2. Be catchy.
3. Be relatively short, ideally no more than 4 syllables.
4. Contain no offensive or unrelated words in the name.

And fromdopestodoyennes does not fit any of those criteria, alas.

Loved these articles on naming your blog. Thank you, If only we'd known who was on first last week....

A PS to the copyright post: The Laurel and Hardy video clip we put up was blacked out with a message that said: 'removed for improper usage'. The clip is no longer available on YouTube, so our best guess is that it violated some copyright protection and was flagged. We were kind of excited--it meant that either someone or something not related to us by blood or on our payroll had visited our blog. We chose another L&H video from YouTube. Will keep an eye out to see if it, too, is revoked.

A PS to our repeated attempts to post audio: IODA Promonet did not respond to our application, so we gather they were not interested in our custom. We also learned that the html code that enables us to post requires a visual component, so audio posting, unless you are a true webmaster, is not doable.

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