Friday, May 14, 2010

Day One, Uomo vs Mac

Remember that scene from Zoolander?

This is how we feel a lot of the time. Having taken a short break from the work force amidst the tech explosion, we missed a bit. Now that our kids can change their own clothes, not to mention passwords, screen names, filters and the like, we need to play catch up.

Today we set up a YouTube Account, uploaded video, and built this blog all in 1 hour and 41 minutes, give or take a croissant, brioche and two cups of loose leaf Chrysanthemum tea.

We'd like to say it's easier said than done, but it wasn't. The good news is, it wasn't entirely due to our limitations. Despite our fragile self confidence and immediate presumption that we are to blame for the glitch, we learned that this is not always the case. Amid our attempt to sign on, Google experienced a server error and sidelined us for a bit. We persevered, however, and this is what we learned:

1. When signing up for YouTube, it is hard to find a user name. Many are taken and we tried thrice before succeeding. We linked several uncommon words together and finally hit. We will tape the name and password to computer til they are firmly committed to memory.

2. Help page was surprisingly helpful.

3. We spent 15 minutes struggling to copy our video clip. The penny dropped; we were doing things back to front. We wanted to retrieve video from YouTube and post to the blog--so we asked it to "upload". To our way of thinking, this meant that they would send their clip to us. To their way of thinking, "upload" meant we wanted to post our video to YouTube. Duh. Finally, we happened upon a "Share" button, lovely little thing. That gave us the ability to post the clip on blogger, twitter, facebook, and possibly the Vatican website if we liked. Hence, we learned the difference between upload and share. Any scoop on what download means? (What goes up must come down, right?)

Thus ends our inaugural experience with YouGle and GooTube.

Thank God it's Friday.

Posted by: Claire and Keri


Kiri said...

Fun- will add to my favs and follow you. I am a bit of a blog junky have about 10 i follow regualary- mostly design oriented. They stimulate the creative side of my brain at my borring job. oh, and you know if you ever hit a tech wall you can alwats ask your children!

zeebopp said...

I LOVE that you two wrote a blog about writing a blog! :)
Might I suggest, amongst the Internet junket:

This kid's voice MADE my morning.