Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day Two: Blogging for Beginners

Do you ever feel like you are climbing Mt. Everest? We do.

Well, we built the thing. We are posting on it. But what exactly is a blog? In short, what fine mess have we gotten ourselves into? Can we expect nothing but trouble?

Not big on reinventing the wheel, we came across a great description of a blog that addresses the subject from several angles. Thank you, Parm Farm. We also found a great how to create a blog video. Thank you, YouTube.

Having been advised by some cyber marketing gurus that blogger was the best host in terms of generating traffic because of its connection to Google's ubiquitous search engines, here we are.

The blogger site is pretty user friendly if you know the jargon:

--"Templates" are the ready made layouts; just pick one and name your blog. No messing about with margins, spacing or any of those headaches.

--"Gadgets" are anything you add to the blog besides the textual material; title--which they call a 'header', photos and illustrations, video clips. We just discovered that there is a feature on blogger that enables you to post video, which might have saved us a lot of time on Day One fiddling with the Zoolander clip although now that we are in the know on YouTube's 'share', it couldn't be simpler.

--When in compose mode (aka "posting"), the little icons at the top of your text box are quite handy. Bold and italic are self explanatory. Just highlight the text you want to emphasize and click on the appropriate icon. Spell check works the same way it does in Word or any other program we have used in the past. The green thing that looks like an overweight inchworm wearing glasses is for hyperlinks--just cut and paste the link as directed and you get one of those cool blue underlined or highlighted phrases that enables you to jump right to another place. The mini postcard adds a picture--click it, then click 'browse'. Select the picture you wish to post from your desktop, then click "upload", then "done". When you return to your posting/edit screen, there should be a bunch of gibberish there. (This is html--the language spoken by your computer--don't mess with anything inside the pointed brackets--the things that resemble the 'greater than/less than' symbols in elementary math--your computer will translate the html into a picture, boldface type, or whatever you have told it to do. But not if you change so much as a period.) Next, hit "Save Now" then "preview". If all went according to plan, you should be looking at the picture you wanted to post. If not, try, try again. That's what we do.

Or, put another way, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." --Lao-Tzu

Posted by: Keri


Dana said...

Ok, Dames, can we blog from PDA? I want George to blog from S Africa, when we are at World Cup. What say you?

Ignoratae said...

We'll look into it!