Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging Pratfalls and Resurrections: Day Twenty-One

The formatting of one of our posts was misbehaving today. We kept repeating the same action until we realized that something must be awry with the HTML coding. Bravely, we ventured into the "edit HTML" box of and started the detective work. It was not as daunting as you might imagine; If you can master Sudoku, you can check code... Look for the patterns. Using this approach we scanned all the HTML code and found two lines of code had run on to each other - and noticed that the string of code didn't mirror what was written at the beginning of the text para. One deletion of a pointy bracket later, problem was solved.

As opines: "CODE IS POETRY." And that was one helluva poetic moment.

We also learned that video clips should be under two minutes. Oops--we've had a fair few well above that. Ok, ok, the following clip exceeds the requisite by 23 seconds, but it was hilarious, so we posted it anyway.

Lists are another untapped blog tool that we have largely ignored. People love lists, according to our blogging expert Carrie Rickey, and we have deprived our reading public of this popular device. To make up for that glaring omission, we offer you a list of lists:

1. The 10 Most Hated Foods
2. The 1000 Best Movies Ever Made
3. Books Banned in the United States
4. World's Wealthiest People
5. Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors
6. 7 Words You Can't Say on TV or Radio
7. Top 10 Wierd Anomolies in Medicine
8. Best and Worst Fashion Trends of All Time
9. 100 Most Popular Cocktail Recipes
10. 100 One-Hit Wonders

Finally, after our proud moment of shooting and posting a video clip, we learned from a tech-savvy 14 year old (the offspring of one of us) that Iphoto is not the preferred method to perform this task. Actual quote, "Duuhh, Mom. Of course you can do it in Iphoto, but Imovie is much better because you can edit it. I used it for my final history project, remember? If you want I can give you a lesson." So, we look forward to our upcoming lesson, and you can look forward to a cinematic tour de force, coming soon to a screen (very) near you. Well, if not a tour de force, at least some edited clips.

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