Monday, June 14, 2010

Blogging Wizardry: Day Nineteen

Wagging The End of Your Tale

As this elderly gentleman -- a.k.a. the Storytelling Wizard -- says, you need to know your destination, or ending, before you can set off on your journey. We two were pretty clueless before we started this blog, but in the process of researching and interviewing people with direct experience of this medium we have learned much. Friends have been generous with their time and ideas for future blogs.

The following collection of short YouTube videos feature NPRs Ira Glass, who offers some hard-hitting words about how failure is tied into success in online broadcasting, he stresses "the importance of abandoning crap," which is easier said than done, advising that out of every 6 stories followed, perhaps 1 will live up to your standards. "About a half to a third of everything we research...we kill...By killing, you make something else, even better, live." (Thanks to Dana for forwarding us this clip)

Flickgrrl Carrie Rickey, who has authored her own widely followed movie blog for many years, offered her formula for success, suggesting: "With blogs, you've got to let people get in and out quickly. They want to leave with a tidbit." (in an interview June 7th) "You want to take them places and show them the value-added. And people like videos, as long as they are under 2 minutes long." (Y-E-S, got something right; our magical storyteller comes in under 2 minutes)

Cue hasty departure, but not before Keri shows off her latest technical wizardry. Tra-la. A video clip.

Footnote from Keri (our kitchen cinematographer): Here's how we shot and posted the video clip--easier than we would have thought--and we fully recognize that there may be another way to do this but this method worked for us. NB: this applies to macs only.

1. Open Photo Booth. See alarming closeup of your face.
2. Click on the icon that looks like a filmstrip (remember those?).
3. Click the red button in the center of your photo booth screen to begin recording.
4. Click the square in the lower center of your photo booth screen to stop recording.
5. Click the email icon in the upper left and email the movie to yourself.
6. Open the email and save the attachment to your desktop or iphoto files.
7. Open blogger and click "add video".
8. Click "browse" and open your iphoto, desktop or document file where the clip is stored. Click on your new movie file.
9. Click "upload file" then "save".
10. Take a deep bow.

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Valerie Wilcox said...

Wow you two are AMAZING! I knew it was the end of the vid because claire bowed...seriously i am really enjoying your blog. And I loved the spaghetti reference/photo in blog 16!! Ha!