Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flickgrrl Shares her Thoughts on Blogging: Day Seventeen

We were lucky enough to score a meeting with The Philadelphia Inquirer's film critic and blogger extraordinaire Carrie Rickey who generously shared her observations on social media strategies and spaghetti.

Q: In interviewing our coterie of Social Media 'experts' one theme keeps repeating itself. It's all trial and error. Val at Plannerzone , described the situation aptly as "throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks." Do you think this is a fair description?

A: "I think it's more a case of throw the Spaghetti at the wall...and see what people eat. Some people like the Department Store approach, the aggregators, like The Huffington Post, while others like the boutique experience within the Department store, like flickgrrl

"Social media is transformational. It's like when the first radio came out in the 1920s. No-one knew how to monetize this, but they liked it because it was new and hip."

Is it a TARDIS (DR Who's Time Traveling Machine)? Is it an early refrigerator? Nope, it's one of the earliest commercial radios.

Q: How much time do you spend on blog posts?

A: "It depends, some take longer than others. For example...Clint Eastwood's 80th Birthday took several hours and significant research but Talking Dogs could be zapped out in 15 minutes."

Q: Do you use Facebook and how many followers do you have?

"Facebook is hugely important as a way to broaden and maintain my audience. I post under my real name Carrie Rickey and I have about 1200 followers. But also some of these followers will forward my posts to their friends, so word spreads that way.

"I always post my flickgrrl blog on facebook and usually put a question in the caption to that post, so people will comment. People like to give their opinions."

Q: What happens when you get to 5000 - the Facebook maximum?

A: "I've got a long way to go...The way I decide on who to friend is I generally friend people who have at least 10 other friends in common."

Q: Do you Twitter?

A: "No, and I know I should. Roger Ebert said I just MUST get on Twitter and I will have to shortly. Roger is so good at the apercu. He'll be leaving a movie review and come up with that quick one liner which is just hilarious. "

Q: What are your favorite blogs?

A The Atlantic Monthly. A movie blog called the self styled siren and A List of Things Thrown 5 Minutes Ago.

Thanks to Carrie for taking the time to share her insights about blogging. Kind readers, vote now...what's YOUR favorite blog? (besides this one, of course.)

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